Featured Artworks

Exhibition Pieces

Infinite Energy Reactor (2013)

This was the first artwork/photo-composition I ever sold; to raise money for a charity called 'Picking Up the Pieces', which helps feed the homeless and less fortunate in Western Sydney.

So far, only one print has ever been produced, which sold in the silent auction for $380.

Rock or Die (2014)

Featured in Rock Screen Paper 2 - A Rock'N'Roll Print Exhibition.

This design was hand printed by Rachel Masterton on A2 paper.

Only 8 were ever printed.

Featured Work

Spirit Science - The Seven Chakras (2012)

It has always been one of my greatest pleasures to be involved with and to have my designs featured in some of the Spirit Science episodes on YouTube. And, for a time, their website and social media pages.

This involvement was as a result of reaching out to Jordan—the creator of the popular web series about scientifically exploring consciousness, the cosmos and our spirituality—to propose a joint collaboration for a series of art-inspired Chakra apparel, which we named 'Spirit Shirts'.


Space Man (2015)

This is a picture of a space man, because space men are cool...