History of Sol is a science fiction, partially illustrated, action adventure, novella series set in the distant future.


In this first book of the series the crew of the cargo-ship Galaxy encounter the egotistical Supreme Commander of the Martian Space Fleet, a cyborg, grotesque mutants, dangerous outlaws and a rare and powerful Artifact that almost gets them killed. This is just the beginning of a sequence of events that will lead them all over Sol in search of answers.


The dust has almost settled on their last 'mishap' when the Galaxy crew find themselves in the midst of a plot to destroy a Space Station and kill millions of people; putting the colonies at the brink of war.


Reeling from the events on M1 Spacestation, Diputs returns Serena to her home on Enceladus (one of Saturn’s moons). When he is confronted by her family and taken hostage by a fanatical leader, he is compelled to help them. Though his help is unwanted by some; discovering and embracing his true identity is the key to their survival. And while his crew work relentlessly to extract him from imminent danger, they too must reluctantly aid in his expedition in order to get back to Galaxy alive.